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Thracian mound and vow "St. George“ near Drujevo

The vow is located south of the village, in a sacred place, associated with a romantic legend about King Constantine and Queen Helena (see "Gradiste" near the village of Druzhevo). The legend tells that long time ago there were two crosses - one was placed on the grave of a great warrior, and the other - on the place of today's vow. The tree under which the cross is placed was different, but once it has dried and fallen, a new one has grew to the same place. According to locals, even the new tree is more than 200 years old.

The Cross of St. George is really located under a large and old oak tree, but even more interesting fact is that he marks the place of an ancient Thracian mound. The mound is impressive in size, but due to the sinking of the earth layers over time and the vegetation on it, the memory of its existence has been lost and now can be distinguished only by specialists.

In later period south of the mound arises a village, whose remains are currently barely recognizable on the terrain. To these ancient buildings refers another legend, according to which these are the remains of the summer palace of Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena.

Definitely the place is full of history and the nowadays vow marks it as "sacred" for the inhabitants of the village. The votive cross there, like the other remains, is old and probably worshiped for a long time. Currently the place is marked by a very beautiful and very high stone cross, made of local limestone. In its foots, however, is laid another cross (older), and beside them - one more (third), severely damaged. All these crosses have been gradually replaced and their history is lost far in the past.

The last one of the crosses placed here is dated by experts at the beginning of the 20th century. It is very large in size - 1.70 m high and its front side is covered with a rich incised decoration. Its base is marked by a solar semicircle, surrounded by meanders with incised Latin crosses in the center. In the central field is depicted an equal arms Latin cross, crowned with volutes.

The older cross, placed at the foots of the vow, is 84 cm high and has a simple decoration of equal arms carved cross in the center. The oldest one is broken, made of a crumbly bihor with preserved only one of the arms and the base.

The cross of St. George and the "summer palace" of Constantine and Helena near Drujevo are an ancient place where the most impressive fact is the preserved historical memory and the respect for it, which is still alive today.

Thracian mound and vow "St. George“ near Drujevo

DD 43.12505 23.358411111111113

DMS N 43° 7' 30.18'' E 23° 21' 30.28''

GPS track: Hiking trail village of Drujevo - Gradiste

Distance: 1,6 km

Maximum slope: 17,2%, -16,0%

Altitude: 892, 904, 919 m

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