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"Prophet Jonah" in Zasele

The old vow is located in the eastern part of the village, next to one of the buildings of the former farmyard. In the village no one remembers to whom of the saints was dedicated the vow and when it was celebrated.

Unlike the other crosses in the area, its decoration is embossed rather than incised. One of its four equal arms is now broken.

On the front side is depicted equal arms cross, decorated by relief circles and ending with solar elements. At the top one is inscribed a small cross and the rest repeats the sun symbol in different combinations.

On the back side of the cross with uneven letters is engraved inscription: "Prophet Jonah 1898". It is interesting that the inscription is placed in the preserved area of the body on one of the shoulders, i.e. it was inscribed after the breaking of one of the arms. This fact suggests that the cross itself is much older than the year written on it. The inscription is clumsy engraved - in contrast to the precise decoration on the front side of the cross.

This is probably one of the oldest crosses, not only in the village, but also in the region of the Iskar Gorge. This is evidenced by its decoration, by the fact that in the village the memory about it has long since been lost, and by the inscription from 1898, which was placed after the vow has been damaged and probably the remembers of it has begun to fade.

The dedication to Prophet Jonah is also unique to the area. The prophet is a character from the Old Testament, according to the legend lived about 800 years BC. He is honored among the sailors because he rescued himself from drowning by spending three days and three nights in the belly of a whale that eventually threw him on the shore.

"Prophet Jonah" in Zasele

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