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St. Archangel Michael, Bov

The vow "St. Michael" is located 2.50 km away of Train station Bov. It is included in the tourist trail "Under the rock" of the Tourist Center Bov and is marked on the tourist map of the area under the name "Festival of St. Michael".

The vow is situated in the locality "The Monastery". According to local legend at that place have been existed a medieval monastery, which has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. It is assumed that the cross is placed at the place of its church from which nowadays are preserved only the foundations. In its altar is built a sheet iron chapel.

The place where is positioned the cross is a quite steep mountainside, which eastern part is cut by a shallow gully. Currently in the ravine is captured a spring which probably was existed here in the ancient times. On the slope where displacement is slight can be seen foundations of walls oriented north-south. The preserved ones are overbuilt and shaped in our times, so it's hard to tell whether they are part of the original complex. This applies particularly to the constructions around the Cross and the chapel next to it. According to legend at that place should be the remains of the old church. In its contemporary look, however, these "remnants" are oriented SW-NE and shape expanding westwards and narrowing eastward room, which ends not with apse but with steps (leading to the modern chapel).

Due to the repairs and completion currently it is very difficult to give a clear definition of the remains found in this place. It is clear only that here were existed some buildings which original look, however, has been defaced long time ago. In addition, around the cross and the chapel are placed a large quantity of wooden tables and the terrene is beaten due to annual gatherings at this place. The ancient walls (even they were existed initially) have been long ago depersonalized and disappeared.

Of course, the legend about the monastery "St. Michael" cannot be ignored and very likely the monastery has been existed here. The site, though not large, is appropriate for spiritual abode. Whether this monastery was as old as is claimed is hard to tell.

St. Archangel Michael, Bov

DD 43.02140385607927 23.36613357067108

DMS N 43° 1' 17.86'' E 23° 21' 58.16''

Distance: 2,50 км

Maximum slope: 36,1%, -16,8%

Altitude: 430, 507, 610 м

GPS track: Bov Railway Station - St. Archangel Michael

See the hiking trail Tourist trail "Under the rock"

The vow „St. Archangel Michael" is included in the tourist trail leading to the falls "Under the rock" and is marked. Still, a tourist coming here for the first time can be a bit confused as at starting point for all routes (railway station) there are no information boards. The tourist center in the village offers a map with marked trails in scale of 1: 40,000 but it is quite schematic.

To reach the "St. Michael" you should follow the main street of the village to the east. It walks along the main road till the place where it makes U-turn to the left. Here, north of the road is located the stadium and are placed information signs, but they are heavily worn and impossible to be read. At this point we need to turn right to the east where is passed an old dirt road along the river Treskavets. The turnoff to "St. Michael" is well marked. The road runs north - northeast and is pretty steep, but well maintained. The distance to the vow is not great.

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