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"Vasiliova" mound, Tompsan

The mound is located west of the village of Thompson, near the peak “Tseria” (1234 m). The road till there follows a mountain ridge, and from the very mound is open a panoramic view to “Mala planina” (The Small mountain). Mound is with spilled shape. It was used a natural rocky hill as the mound has been built east of it. The very peak of the hill is a natural rock, which somewhat misguide. Still, the mound is clearly distinguishable, and on the terrain the mound stands as a separate form.

North of the mound develops not large valley with a spring in its nadir. The valley is south facing and very comfortable for habitation. There is a high probability at this place to be localized ancient settlement to which the funeral monument refers.

The location is very interesting with its 1150 meters altitude, natural water source and relatively flat terrain sheltered from the winds. It is situated deep within the mountain massif of “Mala planina” and probably in ancient times was inhabited..

The burial monument and the nearest settlement can be dated in the middle of the first millennium BC. The Thracian mounds and settlements located in this part of Stara Planina (Old mountain), have not been studied ever. It is assumed that they were left by the Thracian tribe "Triballi" but without archaeological excavations this theory is only hypothetical.

"Vasiliova" mound, Tompsan

DD 42.9353639 23.30988888888889

DMS N 42° 56' 7.31'' E 23° 18' 35.6''

Distance: 8.47 м

Maximum slope: 30,8%, -23,7%

Altitude: 514, 902, 1148 м

GPS track: Tompsan - "Vasiliova" mound

See the hiking trail Tompsan - "Vasiliova" mound

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