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Thracian mound necropolis, village of Bukovets

The mound necropolis is located southeast of the village of Bukovets at about 1100 m above sea level. The access to here is easy as the mounds are only about 600 m north of the ruins of the monastery "St. Panteleimon". The mounds, together with the monastery, form a remarkable complex because the monastery church is also situated on a very big Thracian mound. The place is one of the many examples in the mountains around the Iskar River, where sacred places are formed and revered even today around ancient Thracian sanctuaries or funerary monuments.

The mounds are situated in two groups on a relatively flat mountain ridge with east-west direction. They are small and quite destroyed in course of the time. Additional damages is caused by modern treasure hunters who have dug a biggest part of the mound embankments. All the mounds are covered with a stone mantle, which is typical for these monuments in the area of the modern Svoge municipality. Currently some of the mounds are completely dug and the others - heavily damaged. Still, the stone coverings are clearly visible on the terrean.

Thracian mound necropolis, village of Bukovets

Mound 1

DD 42.9240306 23.50616388888889

DMS N 42° 55' 26.51'' E 23° 30' 22.19''

Mound 2

DD 42.9239389 23.505675

DMS N 42° 55' 26.18'' E 23° 30' 20.43''

Mound 3

DD 42.924275 23.505305555555555

DMS N 42° 55' 27.39'' E 23° 30' 19.1''

Mound 4

DD 42.9258361 23.501327777777778

DMS N 42° 55' 33.01'' E 23° 30' 4.78''

Mound 5

DD 42.9255361 23.500569444444444

DMS N 42° 55' 31.93'' E 23° 30' 2.05''

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