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The fortress "Meteriza" near Zasele

The fortress is located about 2 km from the village of Zasele, on a slanting mountain hillside with eastern exposure. In the village the place is known with the poetic name "Meterizo", and also as "Kokkalanski kamik" (bone stone). The name is associated with the legend of an epic battle against the Turks, when the fortress was conquered, and its defenders - slaughtered and thrown into the abyss below the fortress. The legend tells that centuries later, the bones of the last defenders of the fort continued to bleach at this place, which is why the place was called a "kokalan" - from the word "bones".

Currently, at the site where the fortification existed, one can see the remains of the defensive system, preserved at about 1 m high. The fortification wall has a length of about 100 m and surrounds the entire eastern slope of the hill. In the southern part of the wall there are remnants of a rectangular tower, as well as chain chambers located along to the wall.

In front of the main wall is located one more, possibly proteichisma (fore-wall built in front of the main to reinforce the defense). The second fortification line is located about 5 meters in front of the first and is of lesser thickness.

Both of the fortification walls are built of lying quads without a visible solder. Their thickness reaches 1.50 m. They were located on the most vulnerable part of the hill and probably protected the village with a quite large dimensions. Currently of the terrain can be seen separate stone piles that mark the probable locations of buildings and other facilities.

"Meteriza" near Zasele

DD 43.0512306 23.33695277777778

DMS N 43° 3' 4.43'' E 23° 20' 13.03'

GPS track: Zasele - Meteriza

Distance: 2.58 km

Maximum slope: 13.5%, -12.1%

Altitude: 934, 976, 995 m

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